The MK9 Carephone™ Pendant


  • The MK9 pendant is slightly larger than the Gemini™ pendant and may be more suitable for those with limited dexterity
  • Large recessed pendant button avoids false activation
  • Pendant triggers designed to be waterproof to IP67 and can be worn in the shower or bath.
  • Pendant floats when immersed in water
  • Easily field programmable to match dialer
  • Long life pendant batteries do not require replacement
  • Custom designed front panel label allows customer branding
  • Range test function
  • Neck cord designed to break under load
  • Special trigger devices available to suit special needs
  • Smoke detectors available
  • Up to 256 multiple triggers can be individually identified (depending on response center capabilities)
  • Permitted device under ACMA Low Interference Potential Class Licence
  • Tested for environmental and EMC immunity to EN50130-4:1995 and BSEN50134-2:2000
  • Weight 24.3 grams