The Gemini ™ Pendant


Using the very latest crystal stablised technology, the Gemini ™ pendant achieves significantly longer range in a very slim, attractive, and ergonomically designed package.

  • Waterproof to the international Environmental Protection Standard IP67 so it can be worn in the bath and shower.
  • Supplied with an internal lithium battery providing a very long service life (up to 10 years) without any need for battery replacement.
  • Field programmed from the dialer or programmed from a simple office programming tool.
  • Range Test Function
  • Neck cord designed to break under load
  • Permitted device under ACMA class licence – Low Interference Potential Devices
  • Supplied in white or black with a detachable neck cord.
  • Certified to meet the stringent requirements of AS/NZ4268:1993 and complies with AS4607:1999.
  • Supplied on 303.825MHz and compatible with all VCi products. Other frequencies may be available on request.
  • Weight 18 grams