MK9 Medical Alarm Upgrade Released

date icon December 9th, 2011

VCI customers tell us they appreciate the easy installation and trouble-free operation of the VCI-MK9 medical alarm.

Building on such a solid reputation, VCI has now released a major update to the MK9 product. The MK9s now includes a comprehensive suite of new functions, such as remote programming, a time and date stamped activity history log, accurately timed reminder functions, and enhanced compatibility with next generation VoIP networks.

Phil Wait, VCI’s Managing Director and chief designer of the MK9 product, said –

“The VCI MK9 Medical Alarm has such a good reputation for ease of use, reliability, and total cost of ownership, that it made perfect sense to update the existing product rather than introduce a totally new design”

Other VCI medical alarms are in development, but this update ensures the very successful MK9 product will be around for a long time to come.

The revised 2011 MK9 Manual

date icon March 17th, 2011

The revised 2011 MK9 Manual is available for download here – VCI Mk9 Booklet2011_Proof 2.pdf

Personal Response Systems and Next Generation Networks

date icon October 14th, 2009

VCI is a member of the Communications Alliance, (previously the ACIF), which is developing technical and equipment standards for the proposed National Broadband Network.
This paper from Phil Wait – PRS_and_NGN outlines the issues Personal Response Systems face given the rise of Next Generation Networks and the National Broadband Network.

VCI expands range of trigger devices for personal security and medical alarms

date icon March 18th, 2009

multipurpose-transmitter-200Multipurpose Transmitter
For many years (since about 1983) VCI has supplied fixed wall transmitters for use in aged care facilities. Building on that experience, this new model includes options for a variety of special needs sensors including blow switches, pressure switches, environmental detectors, and wheelchair fall detectors.

An optional user configurable activation delay is included to reduce the incidence of accidental calls, so this trigger device may be suitable for special needs clients who may otherwise experience difficulty with a standard alarm trigger.
The transmitter is fitted with a very long life replaceable lithium battery which should not normally need changing for 5 -10 years.
VCI supplies various special needs switches and sensors suitable for use with VCI triggers.

security-trasmitter-200Security Transmitter
If an access door or drug cupboard needs to be alarmed, used together with a security sensor, this transmitter is the perfect choice. The small transmitter is powered from a very long life replaceable lithium battery, and will not run flat if the door or cupboard is left open for long periods.
The transmitter is also ideal for use with smoke alarms, environmental detectors, security detectors, and any other device presenting a contact closure on activation.
VCI recommends purchasing security sensors from a reputable security supplier. Sensors must have a free normally-open (n.o.) output.

New Product Range Released – The Gemini ™ Pendant

date icon February 24th, 2009

geminipendantThe VCI MK9 Carephone ™ Medical Alarm has been supplied to specialised medical alarm monitoring companies for many years, and sets the standard for field reliability and performance of telephone based medical alarms.

Technology moves on and it’s time for a change, so throughout this year VCI will release a totally new range of Australian designed and manufactured medical alarm systems.

Called the Gemini ™ range, the first product we are releasing is a stylish Pendant transmitter. Encouraging clients to actually wear their medical alarm pendant has always been a challenge. Many clients don’t have their pendant with them when they need it most, so anything we can do to encourage them to wear their medical alarm pendant is very worthwhile.

While also significantly reducing overall size and weight, the attractive, ergonomically designed, slimmer, and significantly more powerful Gemini pendant greatly extends the range to the VCI alarm unit. It’s also waterproof to IP67 (International Environmental Protection Standard) and has a very long life lithium battery which does not need replacing.

The Gemini™ pendant has been in development for a year using Sydney industrial design company Design-Edge. We believe it represents the leading-edge in medical alarm pendant design and will greatly benefit the end-users of our equipment.

As well as being supplied with new equipment, the new Gemini ™ pendant can also be used with the MK8 and MK9 Carephone ™ Medical Alarms.

VCI Expands its Market for Medical Alarms

date icon February 15th, 2009

For many years VC International Pty Ltd (VCI) has supplied Medical Alarms to specialised medical alarm monitoring companies, the Federal Dept. of Veterans Affairs and the Victorian State Dept. of Human Services. VCI sets the standard for field reliability and performance of telephone based medical alarms.

Leveraging off our significant experience we are now promoting the MK9B medical alarm to the wider security marketplace.

The MK9B alarm consists of a small but powerful pendant alarm transmitter, and a voice-enabled alarm dialer connected to a client’s home phone line.

Other significant advantages of the VCI medical alarm include superior voice performance and a very high degree of lightening and transient protection. Watch triggers, smoke detectors, and special needs triggers, are also available.

Programming and set-up of the MK9B can be done back at the office or at the client’s premises, or remotely from anywhere over the phone. Installation is simplicity itself, a matter of plugging it in, doing a few simple tests, and demonstrating its operation to the client. It’s also very simple for the client to use – a critical factor for a medical alarm.

We are keen to hear from any security providers who are interested in trialing the MK9B product or who are considering entering the medical alarm marketplace. VCI has very long and extensive experience in this field and, as all design and manufacturing is carried out in Australia, we can tailor our products to your particular requirements.

For more information phone Julia Cantello on 02 9420 8602 or 0418 255 457

Compliance with Australian Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS)

date icon October 26th, 2008

To reduce the energy used by mains powered electrical and electronic equipment when on standby, Australian State governments are introducing regulations to ensure equipment meets Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS).

By 1st December 2008, all external power supplies, such as those used by many alarm systems, household telephones and clock-radios for example, will need to meet the new MEPS requirements. External power supplies are generally known as AC adaptors or plugpacks.

All equipment manufactured by VCI from September 2008 meets the Australian and New Zealand requirements of the Minimum Energy Performance Standards designated in Performance mark III.

Government research has revealed that, in Australia over 2004, external power supplies wasted an estimated 845 gigawatt hours (GWh – a thousand million watt hours) of electricity. Consequently, this wastage produced an estimated 885,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gases that year, representing almost half a percent of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation.

No power supply is 100 percent efficient, a small proportion of the energy used is lost as heat. The proportion lost depends on factors such as the power supply’s design, the power capacity, the quality and quantity of components used, and the operating conditions.

VCI took steps ahead of the mandatory application of the MEPS regulation to ensure the external power supplies used with its medical alarm products would comply.

Please Contact us with any enquiries.

Changes to telephone networks might affect medical and security alarm equipment

date icon July 30th, 2008

The Australian Telecommunications Network is entering a period of significant change. Equipment which has previously worked over the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) may not be compatible with future telephone connections.

In some cases Service Providers are now choosing not to repair faulty PSTN lines, or to install new PSTN lines in remote areas, when it is more economical to provide a connection over the Next-G mobile phone network.

To achieve this Service Providers use a “Fixed Wireless Terminal” (FWT) connected onto the telephone line in or near the clients residence. The FWT provides a “simulated exchange line” which, for all normal purposes looks like, and is billed like, a regular fixed telephone connection.

It is important to know that some Alarm equipment may not work correctly over this type of connection.

We at VCI have been working closely with Telstra to resolve this critical issue, and are pleased to announce that VCI equipment can now be supplied with a new data format which will allow correct data transmission over a both a standard exchange line and a Next G Fixed Wireless Terminal.

Naturally our new model, a totally new ground-up design which we are currently proto-typing, will have this enhanced connectivity and much, much more.

New Medical Alarm and Pendant Coming Soon!

date icon May 28th, 2008

We are working full speed on out next model medical alarm and pendant.
This new design will be available in two models, one with similar features and functions to the current MK9 alarm unit, and another with significantly increased functionality and connectivity, with enhanced supervision and feedback to quickly solve service issues.
Our intention is to continue manufacturing the current MK9B dialer unit, at least until the new model has been thoroughly tested, and only until all existing customers are happy to switch to the new design.

VC International Expands

date icon December 20th, 2007

Earlier this year we acquired a third manufacturing facility to meet the ever increasing demand for our products.