MK9 Medical Alarm Upgrade Released

VCI customers tell us they appreciate the easy installation and trouble-free operation of the VCI-MK9 medical alarm.

Building on such a solid reputation, VCI has now released a major update to the MK9 product. The MK9s now includes a comprehensive suite of new functions, such as remote programming, a time and date stamped activity history log, accurately timed reminder functions, and enhanced compatibility with next generation VoIP networks.

Phil Wait, VCI’s Managing Director and chief designer of the MK9 product, said –

“The VCI MK9 Medical Alarm has such a good reputation for ease of use, reliability, and total cost of ownership, that it made perfect sense to update the existing product rather than introduce a totally new design”

Other VCI medical alarms are in development, but this update ensures the very successful MK9 product will be around for a long time to come.

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