VCI Expands its Market for Medical Alarms

For many years VC International Pty Ltd (VCI) has supplied Medical Alarms to specialised medical alarm monitoring companies, the Federal Dept. of Veterans Affairs and the Victorian State Dept. of Human Services. VCI sets the standard for field reliability and performance of telephone based medical alarms.

Leveraging off our significant experience we are now promoting the MK9B medical alarm to the wider security marketplace.

The MK9B alarm consists of a small but powerful pendant alarm transmitter, and a voice-enabled alarm dialer connected to a client’s home phone line.

Other significant advantages of the VCI medical alarm include superior voice performance and a very high degree of lightening and transient protection. Watch triggers, smoke detectors, and special needs triggers, are also available.

Programming and set-up of the MK9B can be done back at the office or at the client’s premises, or remotely from anywhere over the phone. Installation is simplicity itself, a matter of plugging it in, doing a few simple tests, and demonstrating its operation to the client. It’s also very simple for the client to use – a critical factor for a medical alarm.

We are keen to hear from any security providers who are interested in trialing the MK9B product or who are considering entering the medical alarm marketplace. VCI has very long and extensive experience in this field and, as all design and manufacturing is carried out in Australia, we can tailor our products to your particular requirements.

For more information phone Julia Cantello on 02 9420 8602 or 0418 255 457

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