Compliance with Australian Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS)

To reduce the energy used by mains powered electrical and electronic equipment when on standby, Australian State governments are introducing regulations to ensure equipment meets Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS).

By 1st December 2008, all external power supplies, such as those used by many alarm systems, household telephones and clock-radios for example, will need to meet the new MEPS requirements. External power supplies are generally known as AC adaptors or plugpacks.

All equipment manufactured by VCI from September 2008 meets the Australian and New Zealand requirements of the Minimum Energy Performance Standards designated in Performance mark III.

Government research has revealed that, in Australia over 2004, external power supplies wasted an estimated 845 gigawatt hours (GWh – a thousand million watt hours) of electricity. Consequently, this wastage produced an estimated 885,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gases that year, representing almost half a percent of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation.

No power supply is 100 percent efficient, a small proportion of the energy used is lost as heat. The proportion lost depends on factors such as the power supply’s design, the power capacity, the quality and quantity of components used, and the operating conditions.

VCI took steps ahead of the mandatory application of the MEPS regulation to ensure the external power supplies used with its medical alarm products would comply.

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