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Changes to telephone networks might affect medical and security alarm equipment

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

The Australian Telecommunications Network is entering a period of significant change. Equipment which has previously worked over the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) may not be compatible with future telephone connections.

In some cases Service Providers are now choosing not to repair faulty PSTN lines, or to install new PSTN lines in remote areas, when it is more economical to provide a connection over the Next-G mobile phone network.

To achieve this Service Providers use a “Fixed Wireless Terminal” (FWT) connected onto the telephone line in or near the clients residence. The FWT provides a “simulated exchange line” which, for all normal purposes looks like, and is billed like, a regular fixed telephone connection.

It is important to know that some Alarm equipment may not work correctly over this type of connection.

We at VCI have been working closely with Telstra to resolve this critical issue, and are pleased to announce that VCI equipment can now be supplied with a new data format which will allow correct data transmission over a both a standard exchange line and a Next G Fixed Wireless Terminal.

Naturally our new model, a totally new ground-up design which we are currently proto-typing, will have this enhanced connectivity and much, much more.